House Building 101

The slow moving trainwreck that is the NZ housing market continues on unabated. Those wanting a first home can’t buy one because those owning many homes keep buying them to rent them out to those wanting to buy a first home but can’t afford them…

Are my SmartShares working?

I have been chipping away at buying into the SmartShare fund NZ Top 50 (FNZ) for 14 months now. Statistics out recently tell me that this is the most popular of their funds so I’m moving with the crowd and many small time investors like myself are getting involved it seems. Today I am trying to find the answer. Is it worth it?

Forestry as an Investment

Over the years I have heard about forestry as an investment. I even toyed with the idea of our own Christmas Tree Farm as a side hustle. It is a REALLY long term investment as you wait for the trees to grow… But grow they will which then begs the question of whether it is worth the initial investment and the really really long wait.

Relationships and Money

Having a common goal helps. We equally don’t want to be broke now or broke in retirement. We want to work less now, enjoy family life now, be prepared when things go wrong and not be so reliant on other people to create an income. These goals keep us on the straight and narrow and they are something that we openly discuss.