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Mortgage be gone!

People tell me that they are investing quite large sums of money in order to get a return but at the same time they have a mortgage. My short and sweet response is typically that “in my humble opinion, you can’t make money while you owe money”. Once I’ve uttered my opinion the fireworks often start.

For all the share investors...

This one is for all you number crunching, stock picking, details driven, spreadsheeting individual share investors out there. The internet is a rabbit warren, so imagine my delight when I was approached by a company who promised to curate an email to me every morning telling me what had been happening “in the markets” over the previous 24 hours.

KiwiSaver ≠ First Home Buyer Deposit

Is it just me or are people confusing saving for a house with saving for retirement? I keep hearing about first home buyers all the time and how difficult it is to get into the market. But the question I keep asking myself is “why do people use their KiwiSaver as their primary mode of saving for a deposit?”