For all the share investors...

For all the share investors...

This one is for all you number crunching, stock picking, details driven, spreadsheeting individual share investors out there - oh and there is a giveaway at the end! This Happy Saver, while absolutely loving perusing the business section of any website or publication does suffer a little from heading off on all kinds of tangents when I’m meant to be looking stuff up. The internet is a rabbit warren! 

The reason I was absolutely overjoyed to discover index fund investing was because I finally found a way to invest my money in a company without having to know, well, anything about it. It is a ridiculous thought when you think about it, that I would hand over money each month to an index fund when I didn’t know every nugget of information there was to know about the companies that make it up. BUT, as I have talked about before, that is the beauty of it. I own a little tiny slice of the Top 50 companies in New Zealand BUT if it was a Quiz Night question to name them all then I would probably only get to about 15. Useless I know! Yet, my investments continue to perform well enough.

But another BUT is that this does not mean I am not interested and that I don’t care about the individual companies that make up my index fund. I do, but I’m just a bit busy day in and day out to seek out all the information which has an impact on share price. There is a lot of information being produced and its scattered like confetti on the internet and in different publications. Finding it is the hard part and then remembering to keep returning to those sites so I don’t miss a scrap of info is even more difficult. You should see the toolbar on my computer, it is a crowded place and even then I forget to go back to sites regularly.

So imagine my delight when I was approached by a company who promised to curate an email to me, that would be in my inbox by 10am every morning that would tell me what had been happening “in the markets” over the previous 24 hours. Yip, I was indeed delighted. And sceptical.

These days I get approached by any number of people wanting me to talk about what they do. The best one from last week was an American sleep lab who thought my blog “would perfectly fit their audience” and would I be interested in linking to them? Well, I guess personal finance would put a lot of people to sleep so maybe we could be a good fit?

But when I get approached by a likeable guy by the name of Jeremy who owns and operates a Kiwi company who wants to talk about investing, I’m instantly interested and instantly wanting to share what they do because I find use in what they offer and you might as well. The company is called Australasian Trading Management (ATM) and they run a NZX focussed stock market research company, based in Auckland. Their banner is “Stock Markets, Simplified”, and that is pretty much what I look for in information regarding investing. You can watch a clip here about the service they provide: ATM - Tutorial

They have a small team of analysts, of which Jeremy is one, plus a few interns that they are bringing up through the ranks. They provide stock market research on New Zealand, Australian and some USA stocks and they lay out the information in a clear and simple way which is good for the likes of you and I. I have been receiving their daily market update email and it is a quick 2-3 minute read and arrives before 10am and gives a snapshot of the last 24 hours, a short profile of a company they have decided is relevant to talk about and when I want to know more I just click through to their website. 

I have been receiving their daily market update for a couple of weeks now, plus a weekly summary email at about 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon and I’ve already discovered a heap of companies I had never heard of that operate in NZ! ATM sound pretty agile in the fact that they are responding daily to events that are happening nationally and internationally and if you want to know more about a particular company you can contact them directly and discuss it with them. In their weekly report they identify the different research reports that they have updated online during the week and if I want to dive into them deeper I’ll need to go directly to their site.

Here is a paragraph from their weekly report where they drill down on a company.

You will notice in the heading of Infratil it says “BUY”. For each company that they write about they suggest, based on the information that their analysts have unearthed whether to BUY, HOLD or SELL. So if you read their research and their conclusion about the company and put this with all the other information you have gathered about the company yourself it should put you in a pretty good position to make an informed decision about whether you want to have that stock in your portfolio or not. If you, like me, get sick of people offering information which they then follow up with “this is not recommended as specific investing advice, see a financial advisor” then this company has a refreshing take on it.  They still have the above sentence more or less (just to cover themselves legally) but they also have a solid view on what they would do, i.e. buy, hold or sell this stock! And that appeals to me.

They also run regular workshops for keen investors so you might want to check this out if you are in the Auckland area, details on their website. They run a couple of model portfolios on their site as well where they have picked stocks and they benchmark it against the NZX 50 Index or the ASX 200 Index. I find this fascinating because it shows the companies that make up the portfolio and the weighting of each company, plus the returns so far. You can learn a lot by watching what they are doing and following their performance.

A slice of the ATM model New Zealand equity portfolio. This is what you see if you are a signed up ATM member.

Now, I like listening to Radio NZ and I like to catch the business news, particularly if its Nona Pelletier talking to John Campbell as she tries to make a dry topic engaging. I spoke to her in the early days of my blog and it was awesome to hear a woman speak with such enthusiasm about a sometimes dull topic. But unfortunately for me if I duck out of the room for just one second, chances are my 10 year old quickly turns off the radio because “Mum that is so boring”! So, now that I’m receiving daily updates of what is going on in my inbox I’m feeling a little less like I’m missing out if I miss the news.

Radio NZ is free, but not all things in life are and ATM charge you to join their information service. This crowd are an independent research company which is really important if someone is offering you advice and they provide a huge amount of information in a clear and concise way, located on one website, that just adds to my education. And because of the volume of work that goes into bringing their daily and weekly emails to you and I, plus the mine of information being added to on a daily basis on their website it is a service you subscribe to and pay for. A 6 month subscription is $100 (AUS) per month and a 12 month subscription is $83 (AUS) per month.

Full disclosure here, they hooked me up with a two month subscription so I could have a good roam around their site so I could do more research for this blog post and the links in this post are not affiliate links and I am not receiving any commission from ATM. Once my subscription expires I’m unlikely to sign up again. Why ever not, I’ve just told you how good I think their service is? I’m firmly still on the Index Fund investing path and am unlikely to buy individual shares and although I am genuinely really enjoying receiving these daily updates and am learning something each day, I am reading from an “entertainment” perspective, not a “crucial to my investment returns” perspective. I run a budget at my house and I don’t want to add any additional costs to it at the moment thank you.

BUT I know a lot of people who scoff at the laziness of my investing strategy and love the thrill of individual share trading and have a keen interest in the financial markets. This service is definitely for those people and it would be a very useful tool in their arsenal of picking stocks.

I think checking out their 15 Day Free Trial Membership would be the place to start to gauge whether it is something that will provide value to you. Use it as much as you can in that period and then make a call on what you want to do next. ATM will engage with you one on one and answer any questions you may have.

If you already use ATM I would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below (or flick me an email). Also, if you have found a really useful website yourself that is NZ based and USEFUL then I would love to hear about it and share it with my audience.

Happy Saving!


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