Simply Wall St - REVIEW

Simply Wall St - REVIEW

A few weeks back The Happy Saver, like other financial blog writers, was approached by a FinTech startup called SIMPLY WALL ST (SWS). They have launched in NZ and asked me to give their product a crack.

After signing up for their FREE Learner Plan they upgraded me to their Investor Plan. To put it on the table folks this post contains my first affiliate link. You can hook yourself up for their FREE Learner Plan and if you go on to sign up for either their Investor Plan or Pro Plan via my links to Simply Wall St, I will receive a tiny (tiny) percentage. Don’t be alarmed, I have not started selling my soul for income. The day you see me advertising “Fast Loans, no deposit, 50% interest” on this site you can get concerned but for now it’s all good! Click here to check out Simply Wall St.

So here goes...

Simply Wall St is a Sydney based startup that helps people like me make better investment decisions. If I went to a Christmas party tonight and Mary from the finance department tells me to “buy ABC stocks pronto” I don’t have to just take her word for it, I can instead do some ACTUAL research on it. Then and there if I felt so inclined; using their App. Using their awesome graphics they make all of that complicated data a lot easier to understand - quickly. They are trying (and succeeding) in helping all of those “inguesstors” out there. The guessing investors like me.

This is for you if you are a:

  • visual learner

  • graphs and numbers geek

  • like the broad picture OR the minor detail

  • Invest in individual companies

To quote their website:

“With the unique visual approach, we are making it possible even for the beginners”.

That speaks to me.

Screen shot of the Simply Wall St  Example New Zealand Portfolio.

Screen shot of the Simply Wall St Example New Zealand Portfolio.

Screen shots from the Simply Wall St App of Meridian Energy.

Screen shots from the Simply Wall St App of Meridian Energy.

“We provide over 70,000 users with actionable, well-researched information on stocks in the form of beautiful and easy to understand infographics.”

TO get started you need 30 seconds spare to set up a free account:

I signed up using email (instead of FB or google+) and I also grabbed their App on my phone (for when I’m at my next party talking to the woman from the finance department with all the financial knowledge). The App is excellent and next time I have some time to kill I might be scrolling companies instead of FB.

I followed their pop up explanation icons and learned as I went. It is VERY intuitive and visually easy to read. Their “learning centre” provides excellent help if needed. Whether you are looking for ‘tips for first time investors’ or ‘how to import your portfolio from your broker’.

Their claim to fame is their SNOWFLAKE and it was pretty simple to understand once I read the quick explanations. Basically every company has a snowflake where they take all the information they have about the company and using five headings give you a snapshot of the company. The shape and colour of the snowflake changes dependent on the information held on each company. Snazzy.

As I was about to attend the Meridian Energy presentation this was the company I searched for. There were squeals of excitement from me when I looked through and learned more about Meridian Energy in ten minutes than I had ever known before. All of their information in one place from share price to what the CEO earns. I want to be the CEO, he makes a tonne of cash! I know this because SWS details it and a whole lot of other information besides. Attending the meeting confirmed what I had been reading. Nice.

I was able to create a portfolio where I added companies that I already have shares in to those I’m interested in. Being able to view a range of companies on one screen made for easy comparison, something I have not found anywhere before. If you also have investments in USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain you can see them via this site because they follow those markets too.

Easy comparison of all the companies in the Simply Wall St Example New Zealand Portfolio.

Easy comparison of all the companies in the Simply Wall St Example New Zealand Portfolio.

Where does their data actually come from? They cover over 15,000 stocks daily for USA, Canada, Untied Kingdom, Australia and now New Zealand and get their information from S&P Capital IQ, one of the highest regarded sources for data on publicly listed companies. They provide them with data services, news, and market intelligence which Simply Wall St use in their platform. They say they use the “same premium financial data as the big institutions”.

They provide a lot of news articles on their site, each written by contributors. I wondered about the legitimacy of them but handily they provided a quick bio of each writer so if I had queries about anything they have said I could get in touch. Also, because without realising it I was reading older articles there was a pop up with “Hey, this article and the data it contains are out of date”. Then I could follow the up-to-date link. Handy! Most was not relevant to NZ but as SWS grows I’m sure this will change. If they have found articles relevant to the NZ company you are looking at then they have provided a link to them.

In almost every instance the functionality and user interface/experience of the site is great. It was a bit clunky getting from my dashboard to the news area and it would be great if this was incorporated into the dashboard.

This is a start up, they are still growing. And because of this they don’t yet have everything covered in New Zealand. When I emailed them about why I can’t see information on ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) they advised that yes, their data availability for ETF’s are poor but they plan on updating their analysis model in 2017 to incorporate correct models for these. I look forward to this.

I enjoy being emailed their “snowflake of the week” and “idea of the week” as it gives me exposure to content I would never otherwise look at. A search of a company takes you down a rabbit hole of masses of information. Used in conjunction with all the other places you might like to look for company information will surely help to increase your knowledge when you are looking for an investment.

Check out their site and have a play around. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

I’m really enjoying it so far, still got a lot of learning to do, but I think it is something that I will use on a regular basis.

Happy Saving!




Do it for the FREE sandwiches!

Do it for the FREE sandwiches!