Relationships and Money

Having a common goal helps. We equally don’t want to be broke now or broke in retirement. We want to work less now, enjoy family life now, be prepared when things go wrong and not be so reliant on other people to create an income. These goals keep us on the straight and narrow and they are something that we openly discuss.

KiwiSaver Switch

I have been hearing a lot for a long while about the fees that we pay to our KiwiSaver providers and that over the lifetime of the fund we are paying well above the odds for the service we get. Apparently we should be outraged. I have finally removed my head from the sand and took a closer look this week.

The Side Hustle

I thought I would conduct a small experiment in the month of February. Get a job AND create a side hustle. I thought everyone knew what a side hustle was but my sister did not, so there are probably others equally in the dark.

Kids vs Money

There is the general feeling that kids don’t learn about money at school, right? But, that is not the end of the world because we understand that as their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends we have the knowledge to teach them, yes?