CARS - I've had a few!

Read any PF blog, listen to any FI podcast and they will all tell you that buying a new car is a dumb idea, akin to getting some of your hard earned money out of the bank and putting a match to it. I learn a lot by reading but I also learn a lot by doing and to my shame I have first hand experience in buying brand new cars, because I’ve done it five times.

GOLD - A wild ride!

The thing I have learnt about gold in the last year and a half, that I would not have learned if I had not dipped my toes in the water and actually bought some is that gold is EXTREMELY volatile. Investing in gold is like share trading on 10X speed; everything moves so FAST.

Help! I'm lost.

Call me useless but I did manage to lose my daughters Managed Fund. I of course remembered that she HAD it but month by month as I updated my spreadsheet the balance of her fund was missing, because due to “the law of unintended consequences” I received no statement and could not access it online anymore.


So, it’s a different kind of blog for me this week. I still got up bright and early each morning and instead of researching things I wanted to write about I fell down the rabbit hole of the internet instead. And what exactly did I get out of a week of Google searches? Education.