Affiliate Programmes

One of the most asked questions is “how do I make money out of my blog?” I love creating my blog but the truth is that I do it for the pleasure of creating a resource that is useful to others, not for the money. I don’t have advertising on my site because by doing so I feel I would be letting advertisers influence what I have to say and I enjoy the independence this gives me. The only exception to this are the corporate sponsors on my podcast and the affiliate links below. If you use one of the links below I will receive a very small percentage of any transaction and in just a tiny way it helps support me to keep doing what I do. Thank you for your support!


Personal finance is deeply personal, and everyone goes about it slightly differently but the key to those who succeed and get ahead is working out exactly where their money is. One of the first tips I offer people who email me is to track their financial activity. Only when you do this in some form or other can you make the right changes and start to understand where all of your money is going. PocketSmith is a New Zealand based business who has gone global and I am using it to help monitor my accounts and track my earnings and expenses.

50% OFF

PocketSmith are offering Happy Savers 50% OFF their Premium Plan for the first two months.

To redeem this offer, click the SIGN UP button below, set up a FREE account and apply the coupon code - 50OFFPREMIUM-F4RG - in the app via Settings > Subscriptions and Upgrades > Enter coupon. Then enter your payment details, and you are set to go.


This company has rapidly become a New Zealand success story, it has enabled thousands of people to get involved in share investing - often for the very first time. If you would like to sign up with Sharesies, consider using my link and help support me and what I do on this blog. If you use it to sign up, I will receive $5 in my own Sharesies wallet that I can buy funds with!


If you buy shares or index funds month after month its really hard to work out IF you are actually making money. I use Sharesight to track each of my investments because their math is far better than mine! You could also set up dummy accounts if you wanted to do some hypothetical trading if that was your thing. Love this service.

You can try Sharesight for FREE to track 10 holdings, but if you have more than 10 holdings, I have a special offer for followers of The Happy Saver. Get 2 months free off an annual premium plan.


Whether you are new to investing or an experienced investor, for the first time Hatch gives Kiwis easy and affordable access to the most recognisable companies in the world via the US share markets. With no minimum investment, fair and transparent fees, they are 100% Kiwi owned and operated and they let you and I invest in the most exciting and recognisable companies in the world. If you would like to support The Happy Saver and help me to continue to keep doing what I do and you would like to invest with Hatch, if you use my link, I will receive $20.

Cove Insurance

Car insurance! We all need it right? If you are looking for an independent Kiwi insurance company who are offering hassle-free, comprehensive and competitively priced car insurance where you can pay month by month WITHOUT having to pay higher premiums then COVE is well worth checking out. I love supporting New Zealand companies and if you use this link you’ll get ONE MONTH FREE on a new car insurance policy.

Book Depository

Reading books is one of the ways I educate myself about Investing and Personal Finance. I also like to get a discount when making a book purchase and this site offers excellent prices. I have used Book Depository for years and they have a great service with free worldwide delivery.

Mighty Ape is New Zealand's most popular online shopping site, delivering thousands of orders every day to Kiwis. They are New Zealand owned and employ a hard working team of over 120 full-time staff. They focus on great service, super-fast delivery and hold tons of stock of the coolest products on the planet.