Are you a Kiwi Net Worth Millionaire?

What is a net worth millionaire?

You are a net worth millionaire if when you tally up what you OWN, minus what you OWE and the amount you are left with is above $1,000,000. This includes your house, your cars, your business and your debt. Everything!

As I receive responses I put them up on my website for you to read and learn from.

So if the song lyrics “I wanna be a millionaire so freakin bad” is playing in your own head, then having a read of how other people have achieved wealth will give you some tips to apply to your own journey. We are all curious and interested to see what other people do with their money and I’m extremely grateful to those of you who take the time to share, because in doing so, you are helping others.

I love reading through each questionnaire and I especially love how the personalities of those taking part come through, so if you want to fill out my questionnaire, don’t be afraid to express yourself! As to what each Millionaire has to say, just take from each Millionaire what you will, apply what they have done to your own journey, IF you think it fits, otherwise just observe, learn and keep on keeping on. I’m certainly seeing a few trends in the answers I’m getting (particularly around property ownership and the high cost of housing) and it will be interesting to see the themes that start to emerge in the answers people give.

And I want this to be an ongoing feature, so if you are a millionaire yourself and want to check out the questionnaire, go for it! I will protect your privacy and will remove as many identifying features of your responses I can, while still “telling your story”. For those reading, if you feel there is a particular question that I could add to my questionnaire, just flick me an email and let me know because I see this as something that evolves over time. For example, since putting it out there I’ve already added an additional question asking about the amount and type of debt people have. Also, feel free to add a comment below, but as always on The Happy Saver, I’m all about building people up, so I’m looking for useful feedback please that helps other people learn more about how to be better with money.

Happy Saving