Are you a Kiwi Net Worth Millionaire?

Don’t be shy, if you would like to help me help others learn about how to build wealth, please fill out the questions below. I’m looking for short, snappy answers, but there is a section at the end if you would like to elaborate. If you are a couple, then please speak for both of you. My questions are generic (I want to protect your privacy), I just want to share the SECRET SAUCE, the secret to your success, so any and all identifying features will be withheld and I will edit your answers before I publish on The Happy Saver blog to ensure your privacy.

Definition of a net worth millionaire: You are a net worth millionaire if when you tally up what you OWN, minus what you OWE and the amount you are left with is above $1,000,000. This includes your house, your cars, your business and your debt. Everything!

As you fill this out please have in the top of your mind “how is this information going to help someone else”?

This is everything you own minus everything you owe.
Do you have children?
Do you have a tertiary qualification?
Did you inherit any of your money?
Are you debt free now?
Are you in KiwiSaver?
Were you taught about money?
Do you use your money or your time to help others?