All in Debt

NO, I don’t want a rental property thank you.

Have you noticed that I never really talk much about real estate? Except to say that I own the house I live in and I have never really gone too far down the path of writing about property as an investment. With the equity that we have in our house, the ‘obvious’ thing to many Kiwis would be to borrow against it and buy more property that I then rent out to other people. For many this has been a way to successfully grow their wealth. To many, it has not.

Credit Score. Good or Evil?

How important are credit ratings? A credit rating or a credit score is simply a rating of how well you manage DEBT. A high credit score is not a badge of honour, it's not an indicator of your net worth or your ability to earn money, it instead indicates how often you have taken on debt (and paid interest) and how well you have paid it down.

Mortgage be gone!

People tell me that they are investing quite large sums of money in order to get a return but at the same time they have a mortgage. My short and sweet response is typically that “in my humble opinion, you can’t make money while you owe money”. Once I’ve uttered my opinion the fireworks often start.