All in Retirement

NO, I don’t want a rental property thank you.

Have you noticed that I never really talk much about real estate? Except to say that I own the house I live in and I have never really gone too far down the path of writing about property as an investment. With the equity that we have in our house, the ‘obvious’ thing to many Kiwis would be to borrow against it and buy more property that I then rent out to other people. For many this has been a way to successfully grow their wealth. To many, it has not.

Applying The Barefoot Investor in NZ

The Barefoot Investor by Australian Scott Pape is an excellent book and it has been instrumental in changing the financial direction of not just Australians but also of Kiwis. Many people have asked me to work out what the Kiwi equivalents are of the providers he recommends. I’m not saying this is a conclusive list, but I’ve given it my best shot.

Taking a Mini-Retirement

I met Pete when he dropped me an email telling me he had found my podcast and “burned through both seasons”. Pete and his family have plenty of time to do this because they have currently taken a year away from New Zealand to hang out in Vietnam. In this guest blog post, Pete explains it’s extremely doable and incredibly worthwhile. Take it away Pete…

The 4% Rule

Have you ever thought “How much do I need to save for my retirement”? I certainly have. Professor’s from Trinity University in America created a study that looked into a sustainable withdrawal rate and to cut a long story short, they came up with the 4% Rule.