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Meridian Energy just paid me $684!

I had a nice surprise on the 16th of October. I logged onto PocketSmith and saw that my bank account had an additional $684 in there. When people talk about “passive income” this is what it actually looks like. Money, deposited in my account, without me having to actually do anything except investing in a company and trusting that they will work hard on my behalf.

Stock Market Blip - Hold your course!

I have reached a point where I’ve learned a bit more about myself. When I heard that the stock market had “plummeted” it actually didn’t unnerve me at all. Warren Buffet would say that I have not lost anything, because I didn’t sell, the value of my investments has simply changed and by my calculations, I’m down 4%. If I freaked out and sold then I would have locked in my losses. But I didn’t and I won’t.