Updates and Things of Interest

Updates and Things of Interest

A bit of change this week! I’ve been really busy working on my podcast and it is coming together nicely, but it does take a lot of hours out of my day. So, instead I’ve curated this post with a few updates and interesting things for you to check out instead.

Now, apparently it is rude to discuss religion and politics in polite society. So, all I’ll say is that it is good to have our new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern decided upon. Talking about money is however a topic I can talk about till the cows come home. So LET’S DO THIS!


Tuesday was a good day because my Meridian Energy dividend payout arrived in my bank. Yippee! That’s another $577 I don’t have to work for. Thanks to the Meridian team for working hard, using my money well and running at a profit. This year I have received a total $970 after tax in dividends from Meridian, slightly up on last year. These dividends have been and will be used to buy more SmartShares (USF and FNZ).


And a nice surprise arrived in my inbox for my KiwiSaver fund as well. I’m in the Simplicity Growth Fund and my balance has increased $9,250 on last year. I’m sitting at a tad over $60,000 now and this represents 10 years of drip feeding small amounts of money into an investment. Dollar by dollar it adds up and then that money starts to make money of it’s own and this increase is made up from fund performance, employer contributions, a member tax credit (ie. free money from the government) and voluntary contributions from me. I have now stopped the voluntary contributions, the reason being that this money is locked away until I’m 65. Therefore, I’m diverting that money into other investments that I can access earlier should I wish to, which I will because I’m buggered if I’m working till 65! I switched to Simplicity in March this year and I’m happy with this first year result below. Their email this week detailed the following returns for each fund and these results are after fees, and before tax:

Growth Fund: +12.95%

Balanced Fund: +7.95%

Conservative Fund: +2.73%


I don’t know whether I’m hyper in tune with bitcoin at the moment - we made our second purchase this week with www.mybitcoinsaver.com and we are currently up 5% - or whether there is more talk about it around at the moment but these two stories caught my interest this week:

A buyer’s guide to cryptocurrencies

And this one is about the blockchain technology - Controversial Blockchain system now available in NZ


Not sure where to stash all the jewels you inherited from your Great Grandma? Well, this is cool. In my search for the bitcoin ATM in Dunedin two weeks ago I also found out about a private vault where I can store my vast fortune of priceless jewellery, which is currently stored under my mattress. Joking! The vault is the real deal folks. It is a high security safe deposit facility, which I never knew existed. So if you need a place to stash your physical fortune you can do so here www.vaultnz.co.nz


I finally joined Instagram and you can find me @thehappysaver

And while you are there check out Bradie @kiwigirlonabudget


Also, about four months ago I started guest blogging for New Zealand Home Loans. You all know I’m adverse to debt but the reality is most of us will have a mortgage at some point in our lives. I like NZHL because their modus operandi is to help you kill your mortgage ASAP, not string it out for more years than are necessary so your bank can keep earning interest. Their systems to help you do this WORK. Here is a link to a blog post I have written: Enough with the Stuff Already!


Non finance related but on my radar is that fact that my sister Liz Williams published an ebook. And it’s REALLY good! I’m not just saying that because she is my sister. Check it out here: The Trouble With Tumut

Another non finance related one but still very much worth a mention is a magazine called Say Yes To Adventure: www.sytamagazine.com

Holly is winding up her magazine but NOT her passion for incredible physical feats of endurance as an ultra athlete. I came across her when she gave a public talk a year or two back - and I instantly wanted to go running in the hills. I’m not normally a buyer of magazines, but this was the exception. She provides the most beautiful images and content following both the adventures of herself and others as they travel the world taking calculated risks and creating amazing life moments. Although the magazine is winding up you can support her by buying up her back copies as Christmas gifts. And get yourself on her mailing list as this won’t be the last of her documenting her travels.

Until next week...

Happy Saving!


Compound Interest. MAGIC!

Compound Interest. MAGIC!

Bitcoin - Sign Me Up!

Bitcoin - Sign Me Up!