All in Retirement

Becoming an Investor*

All your working life you are trying to increase your net worth so that when you finally stop working you start to slowly spend it to live on. If upon retirement each year you take 4% out of your pot of savings it will take about 30 years to boil the pot dry. So what can you live on a year? Do you need to invest $100K, $200 or $500K?

KiwiSaver ≠ First Home Buyer Deposit

Is it just me or are people confusing saving for a house with saving for retirement? I keep hearing about first home buyers all the time and how difficult it is to get into the market. But the question I keep asking myself is “why do people use their KiwiSaver as their primary mode of saving for a deposit?”

Forestry as an Investment

Over the years I have heard about forestry as an investment. I even toyed with the idea of our own Christmas Tree Farm as a side hustle. It is a REALLY long term investment as you wait for the trees to grow… But grow they will which then begs the question of whether it is worth the initial investment and the really really long wait.

Leaving A Perfectly Good Job

A few times in life the universe is out to get you and it sets you a challenge so big that you realise that you can’t do it all. Something has to give and you have to decide what that ‘something’ is going to be.