Calling all Net Worth Millionaires!

Calling all Net Worth Millionaires!

Are you a net worth millionaire?

Do you want to help me help other people reach this important financial goal?

Before you become alarmed that The Happy Saver is trying to sell you something, fear not! I’m not! For quite some time I’ve been mulling over HOW I can add a section to my website where I let readers of my blog share how they have achieved their own financial success.

I want to hear from all of the New Zealand millionaires, please.

What’s the definition of a net worth millionaire?

You are a net worth millionaire if when you tally up what you OWN, minus what you OWE and the amount you are left with is above $1,000,000. This includes your house, your cars, your business and your debt. Everything!

That’s a bit personal Ruth! Why do you need to know?

With every blog post I write, I’m trying to educate both myself and New Zealanders about how to be great with money. On a daily basis, people get in touch with me and these conversations both humble me and inspire me as they share their experiences on working towards and achieving FI. But you, the reader of my blog, never get to read what I get to read and I feel like you are missing out! We learn from other people’s success, so via a confidential questionnaire, I want to give you the opportunity to motivate and inspire other New Zealanders by sharing your own journey to becoming a millionaire.

Becoming a millionaire is an important milestone on the path to financial independence. It used to be an unimaginable number but now I think that it’s attainable for most, IF they want it to be, but it won’t just fall into your bank account, you have to work hard, plan hard and invest hard for it. And I know via my blog that many are headed in the right direction or have already ticked over this number but they keep it to themselves, as is apparently “only polite”. But these are the very people I would like to hear from.

The reason is that ever since someone suggested I listen to Millionaire Theme Hour on the Dave Ramsey podcast and read the book Everyday Millionaires by Chris Hogan I’ve become intrigued, more than ever, about how others achieve wealth. He asks people a set number of questions, which people happily answer and from it, I learn things I can apply to my own life. I’m always looking to optimise what I do.

Millionaires are just ordinary people.

What always stands out to me is that these people are just normal people, working normal jobs, most have never had a crazy high salary, but they have structured their life and finances in such a way that the end result is financial security and a large degree of happiness and contentment.

And that is what I want for everyone.

Why should you track your net worth?

It’s important to understand your financial position today so you know if you are going forwards or backwards financially. Having a vague understanding is not enough, you need to know your numbers because this lets you work out if the plan you have is actually effective. In my experience, people who have done well financially budget and plan for their success.

Do other people really want to hear how you became a millionaire? Ahhh, no brainer - YES!

People want to know how the other half lives. Through three years of blogging and answering literally thousands of emails from people, I know that readers of my blog like to do two things:

  1. Ask questions about their own personal situation because they are trying to find information that will help them get ahead

  2. Share wins and successes with me, because often there is no one else they feel comfortable sharing it with. They know I will cheer them on

I feel extremely privileged that readers of my blog share so much with me, but their stories would be so useful to others if only there was a way to share with others in a confidential way. I want to give people the opportunity to be very un-Kiwi and actually share how they are getting on so that others coming along behind them can see what is possible and can see that if they choose to, then this could be them in the future.

People are kind and if given the opportunity they will help other people.

But I sense your hesitation, why would you share this private information when you probably have not even told your own friends? My podcast series where I share the money journey’s of Kiwi’s has been hugely valuable in helping people, I want to do something similar here. One of the key regrets people tell me is that they didn’t find out about how to be better with money sooner, therefore this is an opportunity for you to enlighten and help someone else. Imagine if YOUR quick story was the turning point in someone else’s life?

I will protect your privacy.

What I’m asking you to do is fill out a brief confidential questionnaire and I plan on posting these as a regular feature on my website (I will let subscribers to my blog know when a new one is available to read). I can assure you that, as always, all correspondence with me is held in absolute confidence. I get it, New Zealand is a really small place and the likelihood of others knowing you if I shared your details is probably about 100%. Yet, in three years of blogging I’ve never shared a single email of the thousands I have received and this will be no different. My questions are generic (I want to protect your privacy), I just want to share the SECRET SAUCE, the secret to your success, so any and all identifying features will be withheld and I will edit your answers before I publish to ensure your privacy.

So, please don’t be shy, if you would like to help me help others learn about how to build wealth, please fill out the questions below. I’m looking for short, snappy answers, but there is a section at the end if you would like to elaborate. If you are a couple, then please speak for both of you. As you fill this out please have in the top of your mind “how is this information going to help someone else”?

Thanks for sharing! Thanks for helping other New Zealanders! I have no idea if anyone will reply to this request, so, like you, I’ll just have to wait and see...

Happy Saving!




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