14. Is it mission complete?


What's In This Episode?

I wanted to have a catch up with two people that I spoke to in the first podcast series because although separate, each of them were on a mission. One of them was on a mission to become debt free in the shortest time possible and the other was on a mission to retire at the grand old age of 44. Well, our catch ups did not disappoint and both of them have in the last six months made some fantastic progress towards their own unique goals.


Bradies Links:

You can find Bradie on Instagram @kiwigirlonabudget and www.kiwigirlonabudget.com

Bradies Mortgage/Loan Calculator Spreadsheet

The Dave Ramsey Show

Lisa's Links:

Our Next Life: Early Retirement - Adventure - Happiness: www.ournextlife.com

SmartShares: www.smartshares.co.nz

SuperLife: myFutureFund


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15. A lesson on living a good financial life.

15. A lesson on living a good financial life.

13. New Country New Life!

13. New Country New Life!