12. It's All About Me


What's In This Episode?

Welcome to the last podcast of this series of twelve. I thought to round out the series I would let you know a bit more about me as you may have been thinking “who is this person who keeps on banging on about Personal Finance in New Zealand?” and I also thought that I might make this one a quick one, but realising how much I like to talk, it probably won’t be!



I use www.smartshares.co.nz to purchase Index Funds.

My KiwiSaver is through www.simplicity.kiwi

www.sharesight.com is where I track my share portfolio.

I used www.morrisandwatson.co.nz to purchase gold.


www.affordanything.com - Build A Better Life with Paula Pant

Be Wealthy & Smart - Linda P. Jones

www.choosefi.com - Experiments in Financial Independence

Cooking The Books

Death, Sex & Money - with Anna Sale

www.madfientist.com - The Science of Financial Independence

Martinis and Your Money

Planet Money

Side Hustle School - Chris Guillebeau

So Money - with Farnoosh Torabi

Clark Howard

The Dave Ramsey Show


A great book is by Scott Pape: The Barefoot Investor

THIS WEEKS SPONSOR: This weeks episode is brought to you by NZHL: www.nzhl.co.nz

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13. New Country New Life!

13. New Country New Life!

11. Creating a Whole Life Plan

11. Creating a Whole Life Plan