Here are a few companies and products that I use myself or that others have recommended to me.

I've been buying index funds for a while now and this is who I use. I blogged about how I signed up with them for the first time (Buying shares in 27 minutes...) and I continue to automatically invest on a monthly basis.

SuperLife are the sister company to SmartShares and both are owned by the NZX. I don't personally use them but a lot of index fund investors sure do!

I changed away from my KiwiSaver provider to Simplicity when they first launched. This is New Zealand's lowest cost KiwiSaver provider and I love using their platform. EASY to understand and I can clearly see my fees which is important to me.

Sharesies is a great way to find your “investing feet”. A low cost way to enter the share market buying into one of their index funds. Great place for those brand new to investing to start and/or for those who only have small amounts spare to invest each month! This is where your investing education can begin. If you would like to have a go with Sharesies, you can use my link to sign up and I will receive $5 in my own Sharesies wallet that I can buy funds with! Click here to sign up with SHARESIES

If you buy shares or index funds month after month its really hard to work out IF you are actually making money. I use Sharesights free service to track each of my investments because their math is far better than mine! You could also set up dummy accounts if you wanted to do some hypothetical trading if that was your thing. Love this service.

This is where I go to view my SmartShare investments (although I can also view this through the SmartShare website now).

A New Zealand owned and operated bank with a woman as CEO. What’s not to love? Have used this bank for years, do everything online and have yet to visit a branch, simply because there is no need to. When you phone them, someone actually answers!

Gold, pretty gold! This is who I buy (and sell) my gold through. If you want a thrill, then buy some gold and wait for the courier to arrive!